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VSCode basic helpers

Apr 28, 2020 | Reading Time: 1 min

Basic shortcuts, useful plugins, and sample settings file for VSCode.

This is a short list that should help anyone to get started with VSCode. It does not go into advanced mode or doesn’t serve as a long “cheat sheet”. Intention is to help in getting started rather than doing advanced stuff.

Basic shortcuts

Description Mac Linux
New file cmd(⌘) n ctrl n
Search in file cmd(⌘) f Ctrl f
Search across files cmd(⌘) shift(⇧) f ctrl shift f
Go to Definition f12 f12
Go back ctrl(⌃) - ctrl -
Go to file cmd(⌘) p ctrl p
Open command pallette cmd(⌘) shift(⇧) p ctrl shift p
Replace in file cmd(⌘) option(⌥) f ctrl alt f
Replace across files cmd(⌘) shift(⇧) h ctrl shift h


Name Description
GitLens Git supercharged
Python Full python support. Lint, debug, intellisense, format, etc
Go Full Go support. Lint, debug, intellisense, format, etc
Markdown All in One All you need to write Markdown. Keyboard shortcuts, table of contents, auto preview and more
Markdownlint Markdown lint and style check
Code spell checker Spelling checker for source code
Prettier Prettier/Formatter for multiple formats


Description regex
Search any character or new line `((.
Group things and access in replace Add things in ( and ) and access as $1,…