I got into espresso a few years back. I started out simply enjoying an office machine espresso, but as my interest grew, I found myself venturing to local cafes (these were sparse in early days, but the number has grown over the years in my town) and eventually crafting my own brew at home, over a span of 7 to 8 years.

As of today, I own a Baratza Virtuoso Plus grinder And a Gaggia Classic Pro coffee machine. I generally keep on trying different types of coffee bean roasts and origins.

Although I’ve not conclusively established a favorite, my preference leans toward medium roasts. My top choices for coffee beans include either Gianyar or Kintamani Bali and Antigua Guatemala. When it comes to darker roasts, Sumatra and Ethiopia are my go-to beans.

Being the lone espresso consumer in my household, I typically brew a couple of espresso shots in the morning and, occasionally, an additional pair in the afternoon. It’s essential to note that the brewing method may would differ based on the frequency of usage of the machine. The below recipe is for a single daily home brew.

The Espresso Recipe

  1. Start by measuring 14g of coffee beans for a double shot.
  2. Set the grind size on your Baratza Virtuoso Plus grinder to 6 for medium roasts. You may adjust it to 6 or 8 for dark roasts, depending on the specific bean. Proceed to grind the beans.
  3. Switch on your Gaggia Classic Pro machine.
  4. Attach an empty portafilter to the machine and let it warm up until the first “brew” light illuminates.
  5. Activate the brew button to dispense the first cup of hot water. Once the light is off, turn off the button.
  6. Allow the machine to heat up again for the second time, and repeat the process to brew out a second cup of water.
  7. Remove and dry the portafilter using a kitchen cloth. Add the freshly ground coffee to the portafilter, and use a coffee tamper to compact the grinds. For best results, use a heavy tamper that fits the portafilter size perfectly.
  8. Reattach the filled portafilter to the machine.
  9. Activate the steam button to preheat the machine for 15 seconds.
  10. Turn off the steam button. The brew light will immediately illuminate. Turn on the brew button to start brewing.
  11. Allow the brew to process for about 20 seconds. Ideally, your brew should be a dark brown color, topped with a rich crema.

I hope you enjoy this espresso journey as much as I have. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee lover or a newcomer, the beauty of coffee making is in the experience and the flavorful sip you earn at the end. Happy brewing!